he clubhouse of the Spruce Needles Golf and Country Club is located in Mountjoy Township just outside Timmins. The building overlooks the beautiful Mattagami River. The previous structure featured a split level building with two entrances, one leading to the lockers and the other leading to a public lounge. A redesign was proposed extending the building footprint as well as extending the outdoor / indoor patio while increasing second floor space for the restaurant. An elegant metal pitched roof capped the redesigned structure. Several design variants were produced in black and white as well as full colour. These variants included multiple covered entrances, deck re-alignment and pro shop re-location. Final 3d still renderings and animations were used in fundraising campaigns.</>
  • Format : Digital
  • Client : JL Richards and Associates Limited
  • Design : JL Richards and Associates Limited
  • Copyright : JL Richards and Associates Limited
  • Location : Timmins, Ontario, Canada

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