Project Description

Not just your ordinary residential subdivision, Hendrick Farm attempts to embody the spirt of village life with ab emphasis on beautiful spaces, quality workmanship and practical connections to the surroundings. A vibrant community is one that listens to its cultural, historical and natural environment. The housing on Hendrick Farm is clustered to allow for the preservation of greenspace and to improve walkability in the village core. Clustering also serves to create a closer community, provides for optimal storm water management, and naturally extends the existing Old Chelsea village setting. 3d Renderings were produced to assist the architect and developers envision their models and also to test themes. The 3d images opened the clients’ eyes to new possibilities that never imagined.

  • Project : Hendrick Farm

  • Client : Hendrick Farm

  • Design : Douglas Dawson Architect

  • Location : Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

  • Copyright : Hendrick Farm

  • Format : Digital