Project Description

The École Catholique Sainte-Anne Élémentaire pushes the boundaries of 3d architectural software and hardware capabilities. This multi-year institutional project encompassed every technique used in 3d architectural rendering. From image compositing, wireframes, ambient occlusion to photo-realistic renderings and animations. In a nutshell, we deployed all of our tricks and techniques we’ve learned in over 15 years on this project. 3d renderings were used to validate canopy entrance designs, grading, use of space and existing site interfacing. The St. Anne Catholic Elementary School is the only French-language sector of downtown Mattawa. in a place characterized by respect, friendship and harmony, everything is implemented to allow the development of children. École Sainte-Anne has earned an enviable reputation in French, mathematics, visual arts, physical education, pastoral and multiculturalism through various community partnerships.

  • Project : École Catholique Sainte-Anne Élémentaire

  • Client : JL Richards and Associates Limited

  • Design : JL Richards and Associates Limited

  • Location : Timmins, Ontario, Canada

  • Copyright : JL Richards and Associates Limited

  • Format : Digital