Bureaux Influence

Exterior Renderings

Project Overview

3d exterior renderings were produced for Les Investissements GMN Inc in Laval, Quebec. The project comprised of redeveloping an existing two storey structure, gutting the interior and recladding the exterior. Kanva Architecture Montreal produced the design drawings and specifications for use in the 3d modeling and renderings. Once the client had seen the initial renderings, they decided to use 3d rendering technology to simulate various exterior cladding block and metal paneling designs. Various lighting conditions were also simulated and a dramatic sunset background was settled on to highlight the extensive glazing around the facade. The final deliverable was a super high resolution digital file that was used for print on a 16ft outdoor signage to help spearhead the developer’s marketing strategy.

Project Renderings


Bureaux Influence


Les Investissements GMN Inc


Kanva Architecture Montreal




Laval, Quebec, Canada

Year Built



SIM Home Interiors Inc / Mercury Filmworks

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