Bruce Residence

Private Residence

Project Overview

Project Bruce was commissioned way back in November 2020 and production began in February 2021. The process was the usual client supplied CAD drawings, 3d modeling, 3d texturing, 3d lighting, rendering etc… however the feedback loops on this particular project were very long, tedious and time intensive. The client’s client required a near-photo realistic rendering of precisely how their home will physically look. I camera matched the physical lighting environment using photographs to match the chosen material finishes resulting in the rendered scenes matching the photographs. Custom made textures were created for the stone and window / door interfaces and color corrected the virtual paint to match actual paint samples. I was given design freedom for landscaping. My approach would normally be asking the client for extra fees for the extra time involved as it is technically out of scope. Here’s where I chose to the give the client the extra touch fully knowing it would only increase the likelihood of 1) more projects and 2) spin off referrals in the future. This is my fourth project for this client. The lesson here, never get frustrated when your client is providing you feedback because they are telling you exactly what you have to do to be better.  Yes, there are clients from hell and I’ve been there. At the end of the day this project turned out to be personally one of my best and (more importantly) the client and the client’s client loved it. Onwards and upwards!

Project Renderings


Bruce Residence


Janice Duncan


Construction Daniel Rodrigue




Private, Canada

Year Built



Construction Daniel Rodrigue / Janice Duncan



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