Project Description

Not your typical 3d architectural project, anything that gets children outdoors and playing has our full support! 3d exterior renderings were produced for Engineering client, Dynamo Industuries for use on their website and printed product catalogue. Four products were rendered at high resolution including large scale prototype models. In this case, the client actually provided the high resolution 3d product models for easy workflow and revision cycles. Dynamo has always been on the cutting edge of playground technology. They were one of the pioneers of the roping industry in North America. Dynamo developed the multi-option basketball system. The new line of walking and trail bridges bring both form and function to any bridging need, whether it be from play area to play area, or crossing a highway or river with a Dynamo custom Pedestrian Bridge. Additionally, their fiberglass climbing boulders bring the majesty of the mountains to any playground.

  • Project : Big Green, Igloo, Dragon – Dynamo Industries

  • Client : Dynamo Industries

  • Design : Dynamo Industries

  • Location: Worldwide

  • Copyright : Dynamo Industries

  • Format : Digital / Animation