Project Description

Les Condos Forgerie (a.k.a 2337 Laurier Ave) 3d exterior renderings were produced for C.H. Clement Construction. 3d models were built directly from not over-complex AutoCAD dwgs. The client utilized the 3d models for testing color and material variations as well to fine tune the final design. Multiple camera angles permitted the client to easily visualize and realize their 2d concepts. The goal of this project was to convince the local residents that their existing sight lines were not going to be obstructed. It worked! To view the work behind the scenes:

  • Project : 2337 Laurier Avenue Rockland

  • Client : C.H. Clément Construction

  • Design : C.H. Clément Construction

  • Location : Clarence – Rockland, Ontario, Canada

  • Copyright : C.H. Clément Construction

  • Format : Digital, Large format print, Signage