About Us

Rahim Consulting


The creative direction and technical expertise behind Rahim Consulting is 3D guru Intiaz Rahim. As an award-winning graduate in Architectural Technology, Intiaz bridges the gap between real-world project experience, virtual visual communication and marketing. Throughout the years, Intiaz has worked closely with architects, engineers, developers and interior designers to produce compelling photorealistic renderings and architectural illustrations that align with the clients’ vision.

“In this business, you must be able to rapidly synthesize large volumes of 2D information to create 3D concepts through to final design. It’s critical to balance physical complexity with virtual processing demands. This literally translates to maximizing efficiency. I personally enjoy pushing the envelope turning technical challenges into design opportunities. We are a local-based studio with clients all over the world. We do not outsource any projects.”


Rahim Consulting uses industry standard software and production workflow to keep you project on time and on budget not sacrificing quality.


  • 3D Animations
  • 3D Composite Imaging
  • 3D Exterior Renderings
  • 3D Interior Renderings
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Post Production
  • Product Visualization
  • HDRI 360 Spherical Panorama
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Scanning (Creaform certification)
  • 3D Print Modeling
  • VR Unreal immersive experience
  • Architectural Marketing


Our workflow begins with a discovery meeting where the project is assessed and a detailed scope developed. Once the scope and timelines are agreed upon, then floor plans, building sections, elevations, landscape plans, lighting plans would be uploaded to a shared platform. A project management shared service tool is recommended for project review purposes such as Basecamp, Wrike, Trello or Asana where files can be uploaded, reviewed, archived, shared. As each stage of the project progresses, the final renderings, animations and VR files would be uploaded to the project management service at regular intervals. When the project is completed, the client may ask for source files for archival or record purposes.